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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Daevid Allen - Bananamoon

Daevid Allen may only ever be remembered for his long-running input into arguably one of the most influential bands of the psychedelic rock genre, Gong. However, long before such a band existed the man was running around the world, meeting up with musical poets, disgruntling government authorities due to his visa running out and generally cooking up some of the most otherworldly stories known to man (and it's not just the pot-head pixies I'm referring to either). After having had the time of his life producing the strangest music of the late 60s under the Soft Machine and Gong banners, Allen decided to go on a more personal venture into the world of music, thus creating his first solo album, Bananamoon.

Bananamoon is a completely different kettle of fish to Allen's work with Gong and Soft Machine, though still very much drug-addled and otherworldly all the same. For his début solo album, Allen still used numerous musicians as he did with his previous two bands on various songs. Therefore, what we have in Bananamoon is not just one musician's input, but a rather large handful of musicians all contributing their respective talents to each and every song. As a result, every song here is different in its own way, though there are times when a song can lose itself amidst psychedelic music. 

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