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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

MICHAEL DES BARRES: What's been did and what's been hid (and the Obama claim was a joke)

Bloody Hell Michael. He is getting so much good press at the moment that it is impossible to keep on top of it all. I went away for a few days to deal with her Majesty's constabulary in Oakham, and then truncate yesterday to have my ears syringed, and when I come back there are so many bits of Des Barres-related news that I am forced to steal a round-up of latest events from the front page of his website. However, for days I have been promising to post a video that Michael sent me last week of Little Latin Lover live on the Andy Dick Show. So today we have two Michael Des Barres stories on the Gonzo Daily. Good innit?

Carnaby Street continues to generate a lot of positive feedback.

Nick Cristiano of The Philadelphia Inquirer gives the album 3 ½ stars and writes the following:

Michael Des Barres describes his new album as “authentic rock-and-roll, based in American blues, R&B . . . three-chord, unabashed rocking music.” That pretty much nails it.

The real treat here is how well the British musician and actor and his four-man band grasp those rock-and-roll basics, stirring echoes of the Stones and the Faces (with the rasp in his voice, the 64-year-old Des Barres sometimes brings to mind Rod Stewart).

“You’re My Pain Killer” begins the album on a slow burn, and “Please Stay” is a pleading, gospel-inflected ballad that sounds like a lost Stax classic. Mostly, though, Carnaby Street is glorious, pedal-to-the-metal riff-rocking, played with swagger and panache and – beginning with Des Barres himself and his thoroughly unpretentious, hook-heavy songs – plenty of heart.”

grande-rock.com (7.5/10):
“Michael’s voice is great after all these years and along with his music he’s delivering an oldies-tasteful rock and roll album without being retro whatsoever… but rather fresh and strong. The production is as clear as water and full of energy.”

Music blog musoscribe:
“The title track, in particular, is a superbly driving affair that should appeal to fans of the Stones, Faces, Free, Mott the Hoople and other highly-regarded British rock acts. And don’t let the album’s title and Union Jack packaging fool you: Carnaby Street is no exercise in nostalgia. Des Barres and his band – band, I say: not anonymous studio hacks – sing and play like they mean it.”

“This album may give a tip of the hat to the 1960’s style rock he first played, however, the album still remains fresh. The songs are well written and performed well. This album came out of nowhere and is a really nice surprise.”

There are also a couple of new interviews out there. One can be found at heralddeparis.com. (But be aware that any mention of a collaboration with President Obama was a joke).

Another interview has been posted on the Portuguese music blog Via Nocturna, along with a review of the album. “A fantastic album, full of rhythm, groove and sensuality” is the verdict from Portugal.

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