Thursday, 20 September 2012

ABWH: Another insightful review


By: Nik Brückner @

During the tour of Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe Tony Levin was sick (hepatitis A) and missed some concerts. For these performances, he was replaced by Jeff Berlin, who quickly got two and a half hours of material and abliefete a bravura performance that is at "An Evening of Yes Music Plus" documented.

For twenty years it was the only live document of the band and some fans felt Tony Levin, the actual tour bassist would, done by injustice. Gonzo, successors of Voiceprint corrected this now. The word "correct" in this company has a very unique Bedeuteung. The credits on the box were a dice, also got messed up both the order of the songs on the second CD, as well as the printed order.So you went from "Order of the Universe" unnecessarily (and accidentally?) With a bonus track (in fact, the song "Roundabout" played), its own track made from an announcement and printed also a completely wrong song order on the cover. Gonzo just. Anyway: Above the actual song order the CD is shown.

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