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Thursday, 20 September 2012

LINK: Jefferson Starship reviewed


Review: Tales From The Mothership - Roswell UFO Festival (Jefferson Starship)

Tales From The Mothership - Roswell UFO Festival (Jefferson Starship)
(2010, Bear/2012, Gonzo Multimedia)
There is an annual event that takes place in New Mexico called Roswell UFO Festival. So far nothing new. Is important to note that in 2009 one of these names were the true living legends who are the Jefferson Starship. And the band that took its stake to record a live album. Also nothing new here. Interestingly follows. When traditional line-up joined former members and some guests, like the Grateful Dead keyboardist Tom Constanten vocalist Cathy Richardson or (the same who played the role of Janis Joplin in the Broadway play Love, Janis) presented a concert for mixed music and science fiction not to clash with the environment lived in the city for those days. The entire concert was recorded and beyond the emblematic themes like White Rabbit, Somebody To Love, Volunteers and Wooden Ships, even the time of Jefferson Airplane, was created a special set with issues related to science fiction some of whom played for the first time. Now, to the delight of fans of the band is available in a box with 4 cd's that depict the passage of Jefferson Starship at that festival. Two of the cd's have the concert in its entirety, each with their set. The box is then enriched with two cd's that result from recordings of rehearsals and soundcheck before the show. A true delight for fans with a feeling bootleg rockumentario sharp and a real must.
CD 1:
One. Space Oddity
2nd. All Fly Away
3rd. Your Mind Has Left Your Body
4th. Brain Damage / Eclipse
5th. Your Mind Has Left Your Body (Reprise)
6th. Hyperdrive
7th. Genesis Hall
Eight. Genesis Hall
9th. White Rabbit
10. Somebody To Love
11. Science Fiction Movie
12. Of Galaxy And Jam

CD 2:
One. Urban Space
2nd. The Eggplant That Ate Chicago
3rd. Mountains Of The Moon
4th. This Land Is Your Land
5th. Me & My Uncle
6th. Billy The Kid
7th. Crown Of Creation
Eight. Was not That A Time
9th. Get Together
10. Chimes Of Freedom
11. Cowboy On The Run
12. I Can not Forgive You
13. Genesis Hall
14. Mother Earth
15. Flowers Of The Night
16. Lawman
17. Wooden Ships

CD 3:
One. Sunrise
2nd. Have You Seen The Saucers?
3rd. Have You Seen The Stars Tonight?
4th. Starship
5th. Follow The Drinking Gourd
6th. Dark Star
7th. Space Oddity
Eight. All Fly Away
9th. Hyperdrive
10. Science Fiction Movie
11. Your Mind Has Left Your Body
12. Brain Damage
13. Your Mind Has Left Your Body (reprise)
14. Somebody To Love
15. White Rabbit
16. Volunteers
CD 4:
One. Space Oddity
2nd. Space Oddity
3rd. This Land Is Your Land
4th. Science Fiction Movie
5th. Me & My Uncle
6th. Cathy's medley soudcheck
Paul Kantner - guitar and vocals
David Freiberg - guitars and percussion
Slick Aguilar - guitar solo
Donny Baldwin - drums
Chris Smith - keyboards
Cathy Richardson - acoustic guitar and vocals

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