Tuesday, 25 September 2012

HAWKWIND: Do not panic

Hawkwind Do Not Panic Documentary
Hawkwind Do Not Panic Documentary - Hawkwind is the very famous musical band of England and is playing music even today. The documentary was broadcasted by the BBC. The film is designed for the Hawkwind band lovers and describes the history of this band. Hawkwind is the most popular brand of England and in this documentary the ups and downs of Hawkwind band were filmed beautifully. The band was formed in 1969 after knowing that Dave Brock, Mick Slattery and John Harrison had their interest in one common thing which is electronic music. Friends of Nik Turner and Michael ‘Dik Mik’ Davies were also pulled into the band. These people started their career as an alternative of Group X. These people jammed for 20 minutes on the stage without preparing any song. Because of their impressive performance they signed their first contract with Liberty Records.
Hawkwind Do Not Panic Documentary - After the band has recorded its first session Mick Slattery left the band and was also replaced by an old friend of Brock. The history of Hawkwind is spread on more than 40 years and it is impossible that one can cover it within one hour of documentary and that’s why the period of 1970’s which was the most important decade for  Hawkwind band was given only 15 minutes. Michael Moorcock described Brock as the backbone of the band and in this documentary the part of Brock was covered very beautifully and rationally. Some of the band members of Hawkwind refused to give interviews when they came to know that other members were coming because of the internal conflicts of the band. Because of these conflicts in 1978 the band members decided to split the band. However in 1979, this band was reunited and they started to make business again. This band is still famous because of its music and they are thought to be the pioneers of space rock and heavy metal genres.
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