Sunday, 16 September 2012


Galahad - Battle Scars (GHCD) ****

Galahad originally formed back in 1985, and they were many of the progressive bands coming out in England. The band continued, releasing records, playing shows, doing what they do best. Over the years their following grew, but can still be considered very underground in some parts of the world.

"Battle Scars" is a very solid effort by a band with a vast amount of experience. Galahad certainly developed a style over these years, that's certainly visible throughout their music. The songs on this record are well crafted. Despite at times lengthy passages, one almost want the tune to continue a little bit longer. Galahad has really cool groves, and they don't mind putting some good melody, and twist things around. Many of the songs have very heavy overtones, others tend to be more experimental.

When listening to Galahad one easily gets the impression this band has influences from the last four decades of progressive rock. Now that the movement is more popular than ever, many bands come up front showing what they've been doing for years. Only getting more attention these days. Galahad is very easy to follow, and their style will definitely prompt many followers. "Battle Scars" is a great record, it will make you think.

Mark Kadzielawa

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