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Chris Thompson - Berlin Live
Written by Celtic Bob
September 15, 2012

Chris Thompson
Berlin Live
2012, Gonzo Multimedia
Rating: 4/5

While the name Chris Thompson may not ring a bell straight away, his voice will. We have all heard him countless times on the radio and our stereo’s singing such classic hits as “The Mighty Quinn”, “Spirits In The Night” and the infamous “Blinded By The Light”. Yes, he was the voice of Manfred Mann’s Earthband.

This triple Live 2CD/1DVD package is filled with some killer music. The aforementioned songs are included as is the popular “Runner” and “If You Remember Me”. Chris’ voice isn’t what it used to be but he still sounds great and adds a less polished and grittier aspect to the songs. Hearing them like this is refreshing as it is more real. This triple disc set is excellent and filled with old familiar tunes and some unfamiliar ones that are equally as good and in some instances even better. All 3 discs are enjoyable, even the DVD despite the video quality. While the quality is good it is not up to the HD standards that we have all become accustomed to watching. The somewhat small stage setup seems a little cramped at times and the band would benefit from a bit larger one. The entire performance is more like a club show rather than an arena. It is more of an intimate show with the crowd right there in the band’s faces.

All in all this is a great set with some excellent tunes that we are all familiar with plus some. The DVD is enjoyable but a little too short. It’s good to Chris still out there performing and giving it his all. You can see that this is what he loves doing.

Check out Chris Thompson's Gonzo Artist Page

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