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ABWH Portuguese Review

Review: Live At The NEC (ABWH)

Live At The NEC (Anderson-Bruford-Wakeman-Howe)
(2012, Gonzo Multimedia)
Does indisputable claim that progressive rock would never be what it is today if they had not existed the seminal British band The Yes born in June 1968 following the departure of Pete Banks of Toy Shop and until 1988 had eight different compositions. Throughout his career, many musicians have passed through the Yes notably the quartet who signs this work, albeit only between August 1971 and July 1972 have been the four simultaneously. In 1988 the quartet that is only known by the nicknames of musicians (Anderson-Bruford-Wakeman-Howe) recorded his first studio work would be published a year later which was followed by a world tour named as An Evening Of YES Music Plus. Now, over twenty years after the fans have access to the show that the band gave the mythical N. E. C. in Birmingham with this deluxe edition of the British Gonzo Multimedia offers. There are two audio CDs, more than two hours of progressive rock music at its best, from the quieter moments and acoustic (about half of the first cd) to themes rockers. Why not here also lack the usual demonstrations of skill Wakeman on keys of Bruford on drums and Tony Levin on bass musician who accompanied the ABWH this tour. Added is a DVD that includes some footage from backstage and soundcheck, recordings made by Julian Colbeck, another guest musician (keyboardist) to monitor the project. The true fans of progressive rock in general and in particular Yes, certainly rejoice with this news, but it is information that this pack is not available in stores or on online sites. Those interested should contact the publisher directly Gonzo Multimedia.
CD 1:
One. Time And A Word / Owner Of A Lonely Heart / Teakbois
2nd. Clap
3rd. Mood For A Day
4th. Wakeman Solo
5th. Long Distance Runaround / Drum Solo
6th. Birthright
7th. And You And I
Eight. All Good People
9th. Close To The Edge
CD 2:
One. Themes / Bruford-Levin Duet
2nd. Brother Of Mine
3rd. The Meeting
4th. Heart Of The Sunrise
5th. Order Of The Universe
6th. Roundabout
7th. Starship Trooper
Jon Anderson - vocals
Bill Bruford - drums
Steve Howe - guitars
Rick Wakeman - keyboards
Julian Colbeck - keyboards
Tony Levin - bass
Milton MaDonald - guitars

...and check out the ABWH artist page at Gonzo

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