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Monday, 24 September 2012

LINK: Rick Wakeman, Canadian review


Rick Wakeman – In The Nick of Time (2012 Gonzo Multimedia) This a great piece for the time-capsule, no pun intended. This is a live disc recorded in 2003 featuring Wakeman and the New English Rock Ensemble doing a variety of old and new material for the day. It was the tour to promote Rick’s latest Out There disc, and features three tracks from that recording, but also has rare-ish material from other solo efforts such as No Earthly Connection and even an obscure track from his days with YES. Much of this material is heard live for the first time which is nice, and what’s been heard before comes with a fresh coat of paint, namely some new solos and sounds. Rather than just rehashing the classics yet one more time Wakeman has seen fit to spruce them up a bit, which I’m sure adds to his performance of them as well. The recording is bright and the performance seasoned and it never hurts to hear Ashley Holt’s vocals, one of the most distinctive set of pipes around. To top it off the folks at Gonzo Multimedia have made sure the 61-minutes of music come with a great set of liner notes as well. This is one of the better live discs available and surely deserves to find a nice spot on the CD shelf of any self-respecting prog fan.

Check out Rick's Gonzo Artist Page

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