Sunday, 23 September 2012


One of the things that I love most about England is our adherence to surreal, and ever-so-slightly silly traditions. It is random acts of peculiarity which ince made us great, and while we still produce rock keyboard virtuosos (I am sure there is a plural for this word but I am not sure what) who are prepared to drive a flock of sheep across the capital, then we might be again...

From 10am tomorrow (Thursday 20 September), Freemen of the City will be exercising their ancient right to drive sheep across London Bridge, in aid of the British Red Cross. And Prog God Rick Wakeman, as a Freemen of the City and member of the Worshipful Company of Glovers livery company, will be taking part in this event to help raise money for vulnerable people in crisis, and also celebrate the City’s historic relationship with the British Red Cross.
Rick, currently on the hunt for a smock and a shepherd’s crook, told us “I love this sort of ceremonial stuff! I’m not sure if they’ll be real sheep… they could be on wheels, or robo-sheep.” Joining him, among many others, will be good friend and agent Roger De Courcey – sans sidebear Nookie, probably – for the event they are calling By Hook Or By Crook.
For tickets to enter the drive, and more details, go to the Red Cross Sheep Drive site now.

Check out Rick's Gonzo Artist Page

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