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ABWH: Dutch Review

Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe - 
Live at the NEC 1989 (2010) 

Label: Gonzo Media Group 
Band Site: 
Running Time : 64:46 + 71:55 
Reviewer : Henk Vermeulen 
(out of 5 JoJo's)

This stability in terms of staffing is not a predicate that applies to Yes, with some understatement may be called a euphemism. From its founding in 1968 until now at least fifteen musicians were part of the Yes-family.Despite these changes, the band to survive. Handsome, because there were often conflicts which even led the founders, Chris Squire and Jon Anderson, frequently quarreled with each other are. 
In 1989 there was a dispute in which the founders again faced each particular about whom the name 'Yes "could bear. A court ruling meant that the group of Squire (plus Tony Kaye, Trevor Rabin, Alan White) Yes allowed to call themselves. The paradox is that the legally official Yes-formation in this period never released an album while the other group that did untitled be among the few original name "Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe '(ABWH). A classic Yes-product which after some disappointing albums finally a dominant and reborn Jon Anderson was heard, flanked by his convincing playing companions: all Yes-musicians at heart. 
What the album historical value indicates that the texts largely on relativistic way about the history of the band, whereby the eternally positive attitude Anderson heartwarming (there is no doubt who the positivist name Yes invented). Listen to the text of the goosebumps giving wallhanger 'Quartet' and you know what I mean. "ABWH 'belongs to me why the top 5 of best Yes albums: what a paradox! 
A month after the release the band went on tour, "An Evening of Yes Music Plus'. Of that tour was in 1994 by the King Biscuit Flower Hour illustrious label a double album released with a concert from 1989 Mountain View, mainly consisting Yes classics supplemented with some tracks from "ABWH. One month later they gave a concert at the legendary theater NEC in Birmingham with a recording that was made here on the table. This edition also includes a DVD with unnecessary 'behind the scene' private recordings score Colbeck. 
I am somewhat ambivalent about this issue. Two extra songs after ("All Good People" and "Starship Trooper") adds nothing to the edition of 1994.Addition of missing 'ABWH the radiant and bandbiografische' Quartet 'and' Themes' polluted by an exhibitionist, unnecessary duel between Levin and Bruford. Even the best live performance of 'Close to the Edge' ever - mind you - can not compensate. positive side host Tony Levin, Squire exemplary replace during the execution of the classics, despite the absence of the typical string-slabs as we know from Squire. 
Despite the critical remarks should this album, not only because of its historical value but also because of the beautiful design with interesting background, not lacking in the collection of the enthusiast. The added value is especially formed by the stimulus to the heavily underrated studio album ABWH go re listening. Henk Vermeulen (11-2012) 

Jon Anderson - vocals 
Bill Bruford - drums 
Steve Howe - guitars 
Rick Wakeman - keyboards 
Julian Colbeck - keyboards 
Tony Levin - bass 
Milton McDonald - guitars 

Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe (1989) 
An Evening of Yes Music Plus (1994) 
Live at the NEC Oct. 24th 1989 (2010)


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