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Thursday, 29 November 2012

ABWH: French Review (Translated)


Album: Live At The NEC October 24th 1989 - Group: Anderson Bruford Wakeman & Howe
CD + DVD of Progressive Rock released in 2012 under the labelGonzo Multimedia

In the early '80s, Yes crosses many turbulence that cause the departure of key founding members. In 1988, three expelled or resigned find Jon Anderson to reform a larger group 'yessien' the Yes consensual period. Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe released their eponymous album and single in June 1989 and go on a world tour 5 months. The purpose of this column is a live recording made on October 24th at the NEC Birmingham. If you jump on this box to DVD hoping you enjoy images together, you will be disappointed because here is the DVD is the bonus and it contains a short film of 26 minutes.
This short video filmed by Julian Colbeck , also credited with keyboards, shows the backstage tour and does little more value to this package. A note to the flow of said enclosure, an error in the list of tracks transferred to the jacket and the booklet (inversion of the last three tracks on the CD 2). 's first CD (and show the fact) that begins with a medley provides an overview of the directory mentioned this evening, since it is composed of excerpts from "Time And A Word" from the album of the same name ( Yes 1970), "Owner Of A Lonely Heart" derived from " 90125 "( Yes 1983) and "Teakbois" from the eponymous album Anderson Bruford Wakeman & Howe . Following the concert includes four compositions ABW & H, nine titles Yes (picks in "Fragile", "Close To The Edge" and "The Yes Album"), plus a keyboard solo from Wakeman and duo / low battery Levin / Bruford .
Protagonists being other than musicians Yes , interpretations are close to the original versions. We really seem to hear a live performance of Yes And Friends , and the fact that the jacket has only four surnames were, within a few months, another group does not alter the case: ABW & H was only Yes bis time to settle some differences with the owners name. This live testimony of a misdemeanor in the epic 'yessienne' is an interesting object, even if it lacks the images to make the full happiness of the listener. We may prefer the DVD entitled "An Evening Of Yes Music Plus". Chronicle written by Peter Hackett on 19.11.2012

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