Monday, 26 November 2012


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"I've been singing since I was eight or so, but not in public (except for one local talent contest which my mum bribed me to enter with the promise of a bright green plastic handbag. I came about 9th I think)."
1964 was the era of Judy And The Folkmen and the revelation of acquiring an autoharp. That meant I could disguise my forgotten words and wrong notes with a noisy, yet beautiful swish of the strings. Me and my harp were persuaded to join Fairport Convention in 1967, them needing a singer and me thinking it might be a bit of jollity. None of us really realising what oaks would grow from that little acorn.
I went from Fairport to meeting up with Ian McDonald and Pete Sinfield and thus to joining with Peter and Mike Giles and Robert Fripp and having a bit of a sing with them. They hatched into King Crimson, while I joined up with Jackie McAuley to form Trader Horne in 1969. That lasted for a short while and then I virtually gave up music for 30 years, occasionally singing at the odd Cropredy Festival with Fairport in their anniversary years.
I was finally persuaded back into singing in 2002 where I worked on various songs that I had written with Marc Swordfish from Astralasia and have released three albums and I accidentally came across Rob from Real World who became my publisher.
So. I have been a part of some fantastic bands in the past and have been called back into making music in the present. All by accident and all with huge enjoyment.
I am now working on yet another new album this time in collaboration with Tim Bowness and Alistair Murphy who are also producing and arranging me, and I am finding wonderful new pathways to travel musically and meeting wonderful new musicians and wonderful old friends to travel with."

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