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Saturday, 17 November 2012

LINK: Jon Anderson talks aliens, Indians, Rock Hall of Fame and YES


Jon Anderson will no doubt always be most remembered as the lead singer of British prog-rock giants YES, but it is crystal clear in talking to him that music is something much larger to him than vocation.  It’s refreshing to talk to someone who has been in the business for so long yet shows no signs of fatigue or disenchantment from it.  Jon has been playing intimate acoustic shows around the world which focus on his lifetime of compositions and audiences are raving about the gigs.  He’s performed at the recent London Olympics, recorded a single “Brasilian Music Sound” which is a tribute to the World Cup in Brazil 2014 (available on Amazon) and just wrapped up anothersummer/fall touring run for 2012.  We had the pleasure of having a telephone chat with him recently to talk about his life, his music and the big picture.  Read on…
Legendary Rock Interviews: You’ve had a ton of experience working with traditional rock groups and have in recent years been doing quite a bit of work with orchestras and that type of thing?  I think I remember an orchestral version of “Owner of a Lonely Heart” too.  Is that challenging or fulfilling for you?
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