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Friday, 30 November 2012



Album: The Lost Broadcasts - Group: The Move
DVD of Rock appeared in 2012 under the labelGonzo Multimedia

With the series "Lost Broadcasts" , Gonzo Multimedia seems to have found the mother lode. Indeed, the archives of Radio Bremen and some other German tv all seem to be an inexhaustible reservoir of images and recordings of rehearsals combos more or less known. For this new volume, the British band The Move, which has a back in the spotlight, 40 years after its separation in favor of Electric Light Orchestra under the leadership of Jeff Lynne. We do not retrace here the history of the formation, which is the main weapon was the inescapable hit "Blackberry Way" in 1968, and gained a reputation thanks to some outrageous outfits and stage performances. The DVD presented here consists of two different recordings of the group on the set of German TV quoted in the introduction, separated 10 years apart (1969 and 1979). Like to add to the piecemeal approach of the object, the 11 tracks do not follow the chronological order of interventions. To be more exact, it is more than 9 titles, "Ella James" entitled to 2 doses, the first being interrupted by Roy Wood, and "Down On The Bay" receiving a broadcast on a colored background animated having been performed in front of a blue background.

The group presents itself in different formations, the quartet taken in 1969 and 1979 for quintet, Jeff Lynne making its appearance in the line-up while Roy Wood and Bev are Beavan only to participate in the total catch. The main interest of this paper is mainly to show that training has touched several musical styles, which may explain the fact that it has failed to settle permanently in the British rock scene despite the success of "Blackberry Way". Eyeing to Beatles songs to great shots harmonies ("Blackberry Way", "Fire Brigade", "Wild Tiger Woman"), including elements Folk ("Carly" and flute), swinging a big rock that task interference the slide ("When Alice Comes Back To Farm"), working in a Heavy-Psychedelic Rock, dark and heavy ("Brontosaurus"), flirting with the progressive with 2 pianos ("The Words Of Aaron"), or switching to a Rock'n'Roll aggressive border Hard ("Ella James"), it is difficult to find a guiding light to the artistic process of The Move. although handicapped by shaky shots wearing the retina, " The Lost Broadcasts "is still figure historical document highlighting the artistic freedom of a time when musicians were not to be easily locked into tight spaces.
The Move does not necessarily become essential that the group was not able to be at the time, but at least avoid an oversight that its qualities and experiments not deserve. Chronicle written byLoloceltic the 05.11. 2012 
The Lost Broadcasts
DVD - £9.99

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