Friday, 14 September 2012


Although, as anyone who is a regular reader of this online magaziney thingy will know, most of what I present here for your delectation has some direct connection to artists who appear (at least partly) on the Gonzo Multimedia group of labels. But other things are here only because they interest me. Like this story about Gee from Crass's new exhibition.

LONDON - Last November Gee Vaucher was part of a show at the BooHooray Gallery in New York. The exhibition consisted of a vast collection of fanzines that had been sent and given to Crass during tours etc.

This new show ’SOME DAY ALL THE ADULTS WILL DIE’ opens on a far bigger scale with the edition of Johan Kugelberg’s own manic collection of ephemera, at the HAYWARD GALLERY, SOUTHBANK - 14th SEPTEMBER – 4th NOVEMBER. Free.

The show will exhibit over 2000 fanzines made during the 70’s and 80’s and include a few originals by Gee Vaucher. This will make a fascinating exhibition illustrating not only the thoughts and dreams of a generation but technically, the way they were compiled and printed - Gestetner, xerox, letraset, silkscreen, stencil and of course, by hand (the computer was still a twinkle in the common eye).

There will also be a panel discussion before viewing the exhibition on the 13th September at the PURCELL ROOM, QUEEN ELIZABETH HALL South Bank. The panel will be William Gibson, Gee Vaucher, John Holstrom, Tony Drayton and be hosted by Johan Kugelberg. You will need to book tickets for this event.

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