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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

LINK: New Yes Frontman: 'I'm Living Up To How The Music Should Sound'

I am probably just being nosy, but as far as the soap-opera which is the ever-changing lineup of Yes is concerned, I so want to find out what is going to happen next. Jon Davison seems to be completely entrenched, but everyone is dropping hints that a reunion with Jon Anderson is not out of the question. If it does happen, what will happen to Davison? Will he be discarded? Will there be a spin-off called Jon Davison's Yes? Will there be a band with two Jons? I can't wait to find out.

Yes / Robin Kauffman

Looking at the chameleonic nature of the ever-changing lineup of Yes over the last four decades, it would seem understandable that Jon Davison, the band’s latest singer, might approach the gig with a degree or three of hesitation. But with a number of shows under his belt, Davison is already feeling pretty comfortable.

Davison says that the most important vote of confidence is coming from the fans, who are giving him the thumbs up in droves after each performance. As he told Audioholics, “The general consensus is I’m offering all that is necessary for Yes. I’m living up to how the music should sound. I’m living up to Jon Anderson, but I’m also giving something of myself. There’s a balance between, OK, this guy is obviously doing the parts, he’s hitting the notes, but he’s giving something of himself too, I’m not just this tribute singer.”

Founding bassist Chris Squire, the one constant presence in all eras of Yes music, says that Davison “owns” his new role as the frontman of Yes: “Both Steve Howe and myself have been very, very impressed with his abilities.”

As they continue to promote their well-received ‘Fly From Here’ album, Squire says that an album of new material with Davison on vocals is a “natural progression” and something that he expects will start to take shape in 2013.

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