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Tuesday, 4 September 2012


The family tree of Jefferson Starship/Jefferson Airplane/Starship/Hot Tuna etc is a massively complicated one,. and all stems from a massively productive and creatively incestuous scene in San Fransisco 40 years ago. Starship are a completely different band from Jefferson Starship (who are recording for Gonzo, and are coming to the UK next month whereupon Corinna and me and the CFZtv posse will film them for an exciting new project), but we would like to mark the passing of Starship guitarist Mark Abrahamian.

NORFOLK, Neb. — Mark Abrahamian (abe-ruh-hehn-EE'-an), the lead guitarist for the rock bank Starship, has died of a heart attack after a concert in Norfolk, Neb.
Road manager Scott Harrison says Abrahamian died Sunday night after performing at the DeVent Center. He was 46. Harrison says an autopsy was done Monday.

Starship was the opening band for a concert that also featured Survivor and Boston. Harrison says that after Starship performed, Abrahamian went to the dressing room and complained about not feeling well. He collapsed and was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Abrahamian joined Starship 11 years ago. Starship's history goes back to the 1960s with Jefferson Airplane and in 1980s Jefferson Starship. Abrahamian lived in Austin, Texas. Funeral services are pending.

The good wishes, thoughts and prayers of the Gonzo Daily team go out to his family and friends.

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