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Thursday, 8 November 2012

LINK: Judy Dyble sent me this

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of Judy Dyble's album, but today all that arrived was the reminder that I need to go to get my eyes tested, and a copy of Invertebrate Conservation News. So, for those of you, who like me are in need of a Dyblefix, here is a review of her recent London show, which she sent me yesterday as background information. Background information sez I? "Ha! I'm a gonna re-post it!"

Judy Dyble

Sunday October 28th saw the first Tonefloat Records label night at 229 The Venue, Great Portland Street, London, headed by none other than Judy Dyble “and friends”  - which turned out to be Judy and a full band consisting of Alistair Murphy on acoustic guitar and keyboards (not necessarily at the same time), Jeremy Salmon on electric guitar, Mark Fletcher on electric bass, Phil Toms on double bass, Rachel Hall on violin and Tim Bowness on backing vocals and, on one wonderful occasion, singing alone while Judy had a drink and a sit down. 

I admit it, I am biased. I didn't expect I would ever get to see Judy performing a full concert set and I was hugely excited just to watch them setting up (as those of you who saw my facebook updates that evening will testify!) Yes, she looked a little nervous at first, not unexpected when you consider this was her first solo gig for three years. But this wasn't just a Judy Dyble concert, because she had her friends there, and the night would have been a little poorer had any one of them been taken out of the mix.

From the first note of the opening number to the dying away of the final round of applause and cheers, I was mesmerised by this amazing woman, because her voice sounds exactly like it does on the albums. I expected it, and yet hear this perfect, clear voice coming from the middle-aged woman onstage not six feet in front of me was incredible. 

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