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Al Atkins Spanish review translated

Alan Atkins does not need introductions, he's a metal legend. In case there is any clueless I will tell you that this is the first singer who had Judas Priest. He left the Judas Priest without getting to record any album, just some model and precisely the result of that first experience with the Judas Priest, after developing a solo career that began in the late eighties, quite solid.

Al Atkins has other projects where he plays new songs, projects like Holy Rage or Atkins / May Project. As for his solo career he has albums with new songs such as Heavy Thoughts, Dreams of Avalon or Judgment Day. But it also has another that pulls the legacy of Judas Priest as it is Demon Deceiver or Victim of Changes. This work also draws on the legacy of Judas Priest basically, those who know his discography because we appreciate this kind of issues but we have a little something, but if you do not know Al Atkins you will be pleasantly surprised.

These issues are very similar to the Demon Deceiver , repeated almost all subjects, just as it does with guests. Kicks off the album with Winter, an issue with the stellar participation of Ian Hill on bass, bassist friend of Atkins and eternal Judas Priest. I highlight the work in the production with a touch very seventy and dark that clearly benefits the themes.

Mind Conception is a half-time with a passage of doubled guitars where he collaborates with his habitual guitarist, Paul May that manages to give a touch seventy and very of the Judas Priest. A Void to Avoid is an issue where Stu Marshall, Tsuyoshi Ikedo, Rob Allen and Paul May
participate. It sounds intense and gives a rocker touch quite atmospheric and with its original point.
Just review the best tracks of his solo career, it's like a kind of compilation but with guests. Heavy Thoughts is an issue of Al Atkins belonging to his early days that has a touch very similar to sin after sin. Atkins always with his grave voice, without having a privileged voice must be said that always sounded with a lot of personality.

Little does the version of Never Satisfied Atkins with Judas Priest, Atkins is much more rock, it is a subject where it returns to participate Ian Hill safekeeping must really enjoy doing these topics under study, subjects that Judas Priest does not usually play live. Money Talks is an insistent and aggressive theme with a work very accomplished distortion in the guitars and always manages to sound with a dark hue.

One of my favorite topics solo career Atkins was always Cradle to the Grave , it is the most intense of all the work topic, but in this case, the production so dirty and seventies, does not benefit him. Love and War is a theme that presents a guitar work oriented towards the American Power metal to me reminds me of the early days of Metal Church.

Victim of Changes is the fetish theme Atkins who collaborated in the lyrics of this issue in his time with Judas Priest. A different version of the Priest and with the participation of Ralf Scheepers, a singer who always dreamed of singing for Judas Priest and the truth is that the subject is left to ring, also involved Roy Z and Rob Allen.

The last gift of Al Atkins is the subject Mind Conception , a Judas Priest demo of 1971, a treat for the listener. In short, it is always nice to hear from Al Atkins who knows always surround himself with very good musicians.


Heavy Thoughts
CD - £9.99

CD - £9.99

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