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Pink Fairies review

Title - 'Naked Radio'
Artist - Pink Fairies

For those not in the know, the Pink Fairies are an English rock band initially active in the London (Ladbroke Grove) underground and psychedelic scene of the early 1970s. They promoted free music, drug taking and anarchy and often performed impromptu gigs and other agitprop stunts, such as playing for free outside the gates at the Bath and Isle of Wight pop festivals in 1970, as well as appearing at Phun City, the first Glastonbury and many other free festivals including Windsor and Trentishoe.
Well, the wait for something new from the legendary Pink Fairies is now over, because they are releasing their brand new album - the first in over three decades - this January. Entitled Naked Radio and released via Gonzo Multimedia, it is the first studio recording by the majority of this line-up of the band since Kill Em and Eat Em in 1987.

Fronted by Andy Colquhoun, who shared guitar duties with Larry Wallis on this album and was also the legendary late Mick Farren’s long-time MD and collaborator in The Deviants, the band reformed in 2013. Joining Andy on guitar and echoing their original twin drummer line-up, is George Butler from the “Previously Unreleased” EP replacing the long-departed John Alder. Also featured is Brighton chanteuse and percussionist Jaki Windmill.

Indeed, the Pink Fairies also played a selected number of UK shows through 2014 and 2015 and now much to the excitement of Pink Fairies fans worldwide, the new album Naked Radio - which was brought together via a Pledge Music campaign - is now available to order.

1. Golden Bud
2. The Hills Are Burnin'
3. Runnin' Outa Road
4. When the Movie's All Thru
5. I Walk Away
6. You Lied to Me
7. Midnite Crisis
8. Stopped at the Border
9. Spellbound
10. Down to the Wire
11. Skeleton Army
12. Mick
13. Naked Radio
14. Deal Deal

In truth, this brand new album (their fifth studio album) from the Pink Fairies could also be simply construed as one mighty acid drop flashback to an era of music long gone, but it is so much more than that. For it is also a must-have for all true lovers of music. It is heartfelt, it is raw, and it is, for the most part, a musical showcase that defies time.

Having played a lot of these tracks live back in 2015 and 2016, the band have also fully admitted that out of all 14 of the tracks they like the title track 'Naked Radio' the best. And, to be quite fair, it does stand out as being one of the more fully rounded from the quintet.

Inclusive of three songs culled from the late Mick Farren-written lyrics - 'Naked Radio', 'Skeleton Army' and ' When the Movie's All Thru' (sung by Andy Colquhoun) - it's been 45 years since their very first studio album, nearly 30 years since their last album, and, well, it's as if they never left the recording studio. Sure their sound might not be as hectic as it once was, especially in the drumming department, but the Pink Fairies still know how to recreate a musical moment in time here on Naked Radio.

Drummer Russell Hunter has also admitted he doesn't think there will ever be another Pink Fairies album after this one so my advice would be to buy this new album, hopefully on its pink vinyl 2LP set via Pledge Music, put the needle down, and just let the wondrous spirit of upbeat, good-time rock and roll-fused psychedelia '70s sounds all sink (back) in.

'Naked Radio' - Official Video

Pledge Music Campaign Link 

Naked Radio
CD - £9.99

Mandies and Mescaline round at Uncle Harry's 
CD - £9.99

Chinese Cowboys Live 1987
CD - £7.99

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