Thursday, 26 January 2017

SPIRITS BURNING French Canadian review translated

What will happen if we Gong and Hawkwind mixed? It makes Spirits Burning! We can say from the outset that this album is different for several reasons. First, we note that everything is well cared for: the production and mixing are exemplary, the attention to detail is present, the album cover is beautiful, the sound is rich and full of roundness, and especially the plethora of musicians and instruments bring an original touch.

After a dozen albums, Don Falcone brings his knowledge and experience to benefit and help musicians and progressive music. Located in California, Falcone, in addition to his albums, producing music for TV and film industry. For this new project, he partnered for the second time keyboardist Cyrille Verdeaux, whose name tells you something maybe, who is the architect of the "Clearlight Symphony," release on Virgin label. "The Roadmap In Your Head" is constantly with contributions from musicians Gong of all time, starting with the late Daevid Allen. then recognize the Theo Travis saxophones touch, Steve Hillage, Bridget Wishart, Alan Sitar Brown and so on.

Musically, the album is mostly instrumental, very modern, like a box of chocolates. In fact, each piece is different, compact and polished to perfection. It reveals touches of Gong (of course!), The contemporary King Crimson, Hawkwind or Brian Eno. All these influences make it difficult album to be classified in a particular category: a bit psychedelic, a little space, a little art-rock, a bit ambient, a little 'trance', electronic or jazz, but all is never confused or mixed. The rhythms vary and it seems to make a little trip back in time through the synth atmospheres and electronic keys. Negative: some parts sound too much like the film music, but they are a minority. I am struck by the hypnotic power of certain instruments that are the framework on which the grafted violin, harp, and organ.

For example, "Sun Sculptor and the Electrobilities" surprises with its arpeggios and a beautiful voice. "The Birth of Belief", she demonstrates the live piano Verdeaux. "Isolation in October 80" sounds easternmost because of the presence of the zither, but combined with the sultry voice cabaret style of Bridget Wishart, the result is interesting. "Mrs Noonness" is very catchy with this repetitive organ that supports the violin. "Fuel For The Gods" is the longest part (13:05) and is reminiscent of the relaxing tropical beach. Beautiful. One of my favorites is "Outsiders Parachute In" viral song, delicate, and floating. "The Unknown Street" is a nod to the 60s with a guitar in James Bond. You see the evocative power exercised Spirits Burning! And finally, possibly in tribute, walking closes with the voice of Allen, this magical poet.

"The Road Map In Your Head" turns a fabulous album, both simple and complex, carved with heart and love, all for our pleasure. Strongly recommended, essential if you are a fanatic Gong. Congratulations Mr. Falcone!

The Roadmap In Your Head
CD - £9.99

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CD - £7.99

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