Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Spirits Burning Polish review translated

Spirits Burning & Clearlight - The Roadmap In Your Head

Artur Chachlowski , 
Hard to believe, but "The Roadmap In Your Head" is the thirteenth album formations called Spirits Burning (for details please visit our website team ), which in their music combines elements of classic rock, jazz, ambient, psychedelia and space rock, combining them, and juggling them wearing only known way. It is headed by an American composer Don Falcone. For many years by a team, a host of well-known musicians, including Daevid Allen, Steve Hillage, Mike Howlett, Didier Malherbe, Ian East, Fabio Golfetti, Steve Sturt, Karvus Torabi - and therefore members of the old and new incarnations formation Gong, and Andy Anderson, Steve Hayes, Harvey Bainbridge, Nik Turner, Richard Chadwick Bridget Wishart and Steve Bernard - musicians associated with the group Hawkwind.
On "Roadmap In Your Head" is a total of 35 instrumentalists. In addition to the above-mentioned veteran rock scene, we hear, among others, a close collaborator of Steve Winwood, Paul Booth, saxophonist Theo Travis (we know it from the albums and concerts of Steven Wilson and David Gilmour), harpist Judy dowels (Fairport Convention) and drummer Blue Öyster Cult, Albert Bouchard. And it is in this group form the most exposed, because the name, actually the nickname came at the sign: Clearlight. Clearlight is actually a project, which is backed by the French composer Cyrille Verdeaux, who in his work skillfully combines elements of classical music and experimental prog rock. We wrote about it a few years ago on the occasion of his plate-branded "Impressionist Symphony" (2011).
After the above description wide array of performers probably already know what the album "The Roadmap In Your Head" can be expected. It is in the vast largely instrumental in bringing together a mix of styles, the music being a kind of tribute to Daevid Allen, who died less than two years ago. They are on the album are two songs composed by him, and in one, closing the album recording, "Roadmaps (The Other Way)" we hear him not only playing the characteristically sounding guitar, but singing. And making the present album release as many unusual and wonderful, which enormously valuable, and in some ways even timeless.
The Roadmap In Your Head
CD - £9.99

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