Monday, 30 January 2017

Pink Fairies - Naked Radio US review

Pink Fairies

Naked Radio

Review by G. W. Hill
These guys were a part of the same London scene that saw the rise of Hawkwind. In fact, at times there was a hybrid of the two groups going under the name "Pinkwind." Here we get a new album from Pink Fairies. The music these days has a lot of punk in the mix. It's probably closer to something like DOA than it is to Hawkwind. There is still plenty of psychedelia in the mix, too. This set includes both the new CD and a DVD that has a live concert along with interviews and other goodies.

Track by Track Review
Golden Bud

Hard rocking and very cool, this is a great way to start the set in style. As you might guess, this song is all about a certain smokeable substance.
The Hills Are Burnin'
As this comes in it makes me think of The Grateful Dead a bit. This has a definite jam band kind of groove. There is also a healthy dosage of psychedelic rock here.
Runnin' Outa Road
This makes me think of DOA just a bit. It's a hard edged, slightly punky rocker that's classic in tone.
When the Movie's All Thru
There is more psychedelia here, but this one also has that DOA kind of vibe to some degree. I like the cool rocking riff driving this piece.
I Walk Away
Speaking of punk and DOA, this piece really makes me think of that band and that musical style. It's hard edged and energized. It's also catchy.
You Lied to Me
This is a bit weird, but pretty cool. It has paired male and female vocals. There is a bit of psychedelia here along with some odd punky sound. It's an intriguing cut, even if a bit hard to classify. I dig the jam at the end.
Midnite Crisis
There is a punky edge to this little rocker. Again we get some cool jamming at the end of the piece.
Stopped at the Border
I love the cool retro sound on this tune. This is a fun kind of echoey rocker. It's full of psychedelic rock.
Here's another with a definite punk edge.
Down to the Wire
Although not a big change, this has some solid hooks and cool riffs.
Skeleton Army
This rocker gets a parental advisory. It has some of the coolest guitar soloing of the set. It's also one of the strongest tunes, really.
Punk, pop rock and psychedelia all merge on this number. It's a cool tune, but not really a standout. That said, the guitar soloing later does stand out.
Naked Radio
There aren't any huge changes here. This is just another hard rocker with some weird psychedelia in the mix.
Deal Deal
Here we get a cut that's part punk rock and part old school rock and roll. This is okay, but not one of my favorites here. It is a bit of a change, though.

Naked Radio
CD - £9.99

Mandies and Mescaline round at Uncle Harry's 
CD - £9.99

Chinese Cowboys Live 1987
CD - £7.99

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