Tuesday, 31 January 2017


CD Review: Pink Fairies Return After 30 Years To Bring Us "Naked Radio"

English rockers the Pink Fairies return with their first album of new material in 30 years. The new album titled "Naked Radio" was inspired by the band reforming back in 2013 for two years worth of festival gigs. The Pink Fairies deliver their new album with the same line-up that released "Kill'em And Eat'em" back in 1987.

Their new 14-song release continues to deliver their message of psychedelic rock as the music will transport you back to the sixties. The new album begins with "Golden Bud," a raw rocker that instantly proves that this 45 year old band still has the energy to electrify your speakers. They pick the tempo up with "The Hills Are Burning," then delivery the loud, pounding rhythm of "Runnin' Outa Road." The Pink Fairies deliver the punk-like energy of "I Walk Away," before developing the blues of "Stopped At The Border." The album finishes with the guitar driving tones of "Down To The Wire," the six-minute psychedelic flashback of "Naked Radio" and the sixties, Chuck Berry-inspired "Deal Deal."

Included with this new release is a bonus DVD that features the Pink Fairies live at the 100 Club in London on May 17, 2014. The video shows the band performing five songs from their set that night. Also included on the DVD are the band's rehearsals and interviews in Brighton in August 2015 and new promotional videos for the songs "Naked Radio" and "Golden Bud." To find out more about the Pink Fairies and their latest release "Naked Radio," please visit pinkfairies.net.

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