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Sunday, 29 July 2012


Some weeks ago I got into contact with a charming young lady called Alanah, who is a big fan of Auburn (as are we all at Gonzo Daily). I arranged a signed tour poster for her, and asked her to write something for us. I then forgot completely about it (because age is catching up with me, and I really have no memory to speak of, unless it is recalling bass-players of obscure prog bands from 1968).

According to the Harry Potter legend, J.K.Rowling wrote the first of the series sat in a cafe somewhere. I think I met her a couple of times whilst she was a student at Exeter Uni; I remember a feisty and not unattractie blonde called Jo who I think was her, and - due to pressure of circumstances I am sitting in a cafe on the M6 typing into a very battered old laptop that used to belong to a boss of mine. When he drank himself to death owing me three thousand quid, and subsequently his widow was sent to prison for fraud, I decided to keep the laptop, and it has come in useful today, but I digress.

I was reading my emails ten minutes ago when - much to my great pleasure - I read an email from Alanah, with the following message:

Here are both of the review vids since im not very good at writing reviews, im sorry it took a while to get it up but here it is

Methinks that Gonzo Daily has now got a roving reporter. I wonder who we can send her after next...

Check out the Auburn Gonzo Artist page

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