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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

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Galahad: Battle Scars
19/07/20120 Comments

The first notes of the title track do your listening room trembling by maximum bass - beware the post hours on the case! The epic melody and heavy themes in the lyrics ("we will live so much longer", "you will reap what you sow") smell like Jim Steinman (the song "Seize The Day" does not happen to think of his "Seize The Night '), supplemented with Biblical references and striking harmonies. When finally the heavy guitars and the singer burst then 18 times in succession "battle scars" chant as if it were a religious mantra, you know it for sure: this is a metal plate! In that genre has undersigned only the biggest names (AC / DC, Iron Maiden, Metallica and other usual suspects), but Galahad should definitely not do. 'Battle Scars' is at times extremely heavy plate, sometimes with very long numbers (unique to the genre). May not be your cup of tea, but technically excellent music played extremely well maintained and finished. A pleasant (but loud) surprise.

The opening track will wake up the neighbors with its sonic bass. The epic melody and heavy subject matter are Reminiscent of Jim Steinman, Whereas the Biblical shoutouts and heavy guitars confirm what you have leg thinking: this is a metal record! Galahad may not be as well known as the genre's heavyweights AC / DC, Iron Maiden or Metallica, but They have delivered a very fine record with 'Battle Scars'.

Julian De Backer (3 to 4)

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