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Tuesday, 17 July 2012


I found this totally by accident yesterday when I was looking for something else entirely (would you believe it was something about tropical insects?) I had no idea that our Rick was such an accomplished interviewer..

Vocalist Rob Halford and guitarist Glenn Tipton, members of JUDAS PRIEST, talked to Rick Wakeman and provided a mesmerizing insight into the drive and determination that led the Metal Gods from the working-class steel town of Birmingham, England to becoming one of the biggest heavy metal bands in the world.

Halford and Tipton unwrap the concept behind their 2008 album "Nostradamus" and describe the friendship, "metal magic" and self belief that fuels the chemistry behind the band's writing process, while recollecting the first-ever PRIEST rehearsals and how the band, like many, were essentially born out the back of a Ford Transit van. They went on to tour all four corners of the globe yet, Wakeman probes the band to paint the picture of their rise from initial long club tours of the U.S to supporting the likes of LED ZEPPELIN on the West Coast, drawing crowds in excess of 160,000 across two dates. Find out how it felt for the band to record their classic "British Steel" album in the now infamous "Imagine" home that was previously owned by John Lennon and discover exactly why the band ended up staying in a religious convent occupied by a collection of Swedish nuns.

The entire interview, dubbed "Rick Wakeman Face To Face With Judas Priest", will air on October 13 and October 31 on Sky Channel 378 - Rock On TV at the following times:


A two-minute preview clip can be viewed below.

To view the entire 52-minute episode, visit www.rockondigital.com.

Check out his Gonzo Artist Page

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