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ERIK NORLANDER: Portuguese review

Review: The Galactic Collective: Live In Gettysgurg (Erik Norlander)

The Galactic Collective: Live In Gettysburg (Erik Norlander)
(2012, Think Tank Media)

The second chapter of The Galactic Collective entitles to Live In Gettysburg and features a double CD audio and DVD performance of Erik Norlander and his band at The Rites Of Spring Festival held in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on May 21 last year. Musically too close to appear in The Galactic Collective: Definitive Edition, ie it is more an anthology of the best moments of the creative musician, using songs from their repertoire as well as other personal issues compound Lana Lane and Rocket Scientists for . The main novelty here, in addition to extending the setlist with the addition of some issues that do not appear in another chapter of The Galactic Collective is the introduction of themes sung as is the case of Capture The Sun, Secrets Of Astrology, Into The Sunset Into The Sunset and Reprise Hymn. For this particular stage is the inevitable Lana Lane Debrissa accompanied by McKinney. As a bonus appears either on CD or DVD in the subject Garden Of The Moon captured live in Cleveland. In a live work, there is usually little to say, since the best moments are represented in the career of an artist, usually previously discussed. In this case there is less because there is a similarity in themes between the two parts of The Galactic Collective. Therefore we say that this work (or set of two articles) is designed primarily to indefetíveis band fans they have here two pieces of high quality collector, and the booklet of Live In Gettysburg still has some notes written by the Erik Norlander which gives a more significant sentimental value. Alternatively, those who are entering into the world of progressive rock based on keyboards and synthesizers also have here a good guide to go integrand. All this of course, regardless of the excellence of musicianship displayed. But that is not news to anyone.

CD 1:
1. Arrival
2. Neurosaur
3. Fanfare For Absent Friend
4. Sky Full Of Stars
5. Capture The Sun / Sky Full Stars Reprise / Astrology Suite
6. Astrology Prelude
7. Secrets Of Astrology
8. Trantor Station
9. After The Revolution
CD 2:
1. Garden Of The Moon - Live In Cleveland
2. The Dark Water / Into The Sunset Suite
3. Sunset Prelude
4. Into The Sunset
5. Dreamcurrents
6. Hymn
7. Into The Sunset Reprise
8. Sunset Postlude
1. Introduction by Michelle Moog-Koussa
2. Main Titles / Arrival
3. Neurosaur
4. Introduction: Fanfare For Absent Friends
5. Fanfare For Absent Friends
6. Introduction: Sky Full Of Stars
7. Sky Full Of Stars
8. Capture The Sun / Sky Full Of Stars Reprise
9. Introduction Suite Astrology / Astrology Suite
10. Astrology Prelude
11. Secrets Of Astrology
12. Introduction: Trantor Station
13. Trantor Station
14. Introduction: After The Revolution
15. After The Revolution
16. Introduction: The Dark Water
17. The Dark Water
18. Introduction: Into The Sunset Suite
19. Sunset Prelude
20. Into The Sunset
21. Dreamcurrents
22. Hymn
23. Into The Sunset Reprise
24. Sunset Postlude
25. Thank You
26. Garden Of The Moon - Live In Cleveland

Erik Norlander - piano, keyboards and synthesizers
Freddy DeMarco - guitars
Mark Matthews - bass
Nick LePar - drums
Lana Lane - vocals
Debrissa McKinney - vocals

And check out their dedicated Gonzo artist page for Asia featuring John Payne, and for Erik solo

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