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Thursday, 19 July 2012

MICHAEL DES BARRES: A great Portuguese review


Review: Carnaby Street (Michael Des Barres The Band)

Carnaby Street (Michael Des Barres The Band)
(2012, Gonzo Multimedia)

Carnaby Street marks the long awaited return to the original one of the living legends of glam rock from the 60/70, Michael Des Barres. And since then what can be said is that this is a return in large, creating one of the most spectacular drives this year. The British musician is surrounded by elements of high-class technique which allows to create and run themes, mostly short yes, but where there is time to fit a myriad of delightful details of composition and execution of instruments. Stylistically this is a hard rocking blues from a great feeling and sensuality and a hard rock full of attitude and energy. You're My Pain Killer is a sensational opening that fits in first class but that soon after the title song speeds up to a dose of unbridled rock hard and throbbing! Southerners also touches appear here on Route 69 and My Baby Saved My Ass and least expected a joyful sounds and cool summer in a cross between a Beach Boys and some reggae rhythms, as in To Heartchae From Cloud 9. But the theme that emerges is by your feeling regarding Please Stay, a mix of blues and gospel ballad with truly great and create a chilling sense of spirituality. All this helps make a hard Carnaby Street truly desirable, not only by great melodies and great songs, but also by the diversity presented. A fantastic album, full of rhythm, groove and sensuality. And where there is no lack of those elements essential to a great rock record: the Hammond, piano Honky Tonk, attitude and provocation. Return amazing, Mr. Des Barres! Brutal!

1. You're My Pain Killer
2. Carnaby Street
3. Forgive Me
4. Suck
5. Route 69
6. Please Stay
7. Little Latin Lover
8. Hot And Sticky
9. From Cloud 9 To Heartache
10. My Baby Saved My Ass

Michael Des Barres - vocals and guitars
Paul Ill - Bass
Eric Schermerhorn - guitars, slide guitar
Jebin Bruni - keyboards
David Goodstein - drums

www.facebook.com / TheMichaelDesBarresBand
www.youtube.com / user / MDesBarres

Edition: Gonzo Multimedia
Posted by Pedro Carvalho at 16:17

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