Monday, 16 July 2012


Yesterday I had a nice email from Erik Norlander. As you know, every sunday I present the Gonzo Daily notofocationthingys in rhyme. He congratulated me and demanded that next week it be in Iambic Pentameters. I suggested that it should be in the form of a Norse Saga, (having always been surprised that with a name like Norlander there wasn't more looting and pillaging in his set).

He wrote back saying that if so he would have to get out his horned helmet, and continuyed "speaking of something almost as archaic, I'm in Los Angeles preparing for today's ASIA Featuring John Payne concert, and for this one -- as it's a semi-local gig for me -- I've bringing in 3 more analog instruments than usual including a large white elephant traditionally referred to as the Mellotron. Rather bold, don't you think? Wish me luck ... ! "

So I wrote back again demanding pictures and a story. Which is exactly what I got:

"Oh, and as requested … here is a nice photo from behind the keyboards at our ASIA Featuring John Payne concert in Los Angeles (Woodland Hills) last night. Purple Mellotron on the left (borrowed from my friend, Brian Kehew, of Moog Cookbook fame) supporting my beautifully restored 70s Minimoog Model D, then in the center, the trusty Yamaha Motif XS8 with the legendary Alesis Andromeda on top, in the corner, my beloved Moog Voyager, and on the right, Korg CX-3 organ (going through my new Neo Ventilator pedal … love that one!) with a Yamaha ES6 top. With a little TLC, the rig all stayed in tune and behaved rather well throughout our 2 hour performance.

I was able to give the Mellotron a nice workout on the gothic choir intros of "Neurosaur" during my solo mini-set … not-so-subtly promoting my 2 new EN releases, "The Galactic Collective - Definitive Edition" and "Live in Gettysburg." I of course snuck it in on many other songs, too. As much as one can "sneak in" a Mellotron … the sound does tend to call attention to itself!"

What a nice bloke he is!

And check out their dedicated Gonzo artist page for Asia featuring John Payne, and for Erik solo

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