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LINK: Chris Thompson: Berlin Live Aschaffenberg & The Remains - Live At The Colos-Saal

"Berlin Live Aschaffenberg & The Remains - Live At The Colos-Saal" by Chris Thompson is a nice looking box containing two CDs and a DVD.

All the researchers among us who evince some interest in the career of Manfred Mann should ever the name of Chris Thompson bumped.
In 1972 Manfred Mann Earth Band with vocalist Mick Rogers. When Mick left the group in October 1976 he was replaced by Chris Thompson, who in turn, Manfred Mann's Earth Band remained until 1987. In February 1977, adorned 'Blinded By The Light' at the first spot of the Billboard Hot 100. There were a few squatters of Manfred Mann's Earth Band with Chris Thompson on vocals, like "Davy's On The Road Again ',' Do not Kill It, Carol and Bob Dylan song 'You Angel You'.
All these songs live plus revivals of "Spirit In The Night ',' Blinded By The Light 'and' Mighty Quinn 'can be found on' Live Berlin. The last three titles mentioned you as a link to Manfred Mann considered, but for clarity, the original recordings was ever completed by the lead vocals Mick Rogers and Mike d'Abo.
I have not the least objection to Chris Thompson here now to those days raked back, because he does this in a sublime way. The two CDs 'Berlin Live' captivate from beginning to end and not least by the Advisory Board with Mads Eriksen (guitar), Gunnar Bjelland (keyboards), Frank Hovland (bass) and Zsolt Meszaros (drums).
CD1 and CD2 were recorded live in the studios of Radio Berlin (88.8 MHz). Besides all the aforementioned songs jump 'Father Of Day' and the unadulterated blues' Whole Lot To Give "(with Dirk Naessens on violin) above it. The raw rocker "Do not Kill It, Carol" is used here in a refreshing bath submerged.

The accompanying DVD is even better. The picture quality is excellent thanks to the lighting of the stage, a feast for the eyes. Chris Thompson looks like a retired schoolteacher who has grown considerably through his hair, but he does give a wonderful road show with highlights including "Demolition Man" and an almost unrecognizable subdued version of Bob Marley's 'Redemption Song'.
Just before the action were Chris Thompson and the band members interviewed by Jon Kirkman and this interview was linked to the DVD as a bonus.
For me there is still a little unclear. The inlay booklet with the DVD as a drummer Steinar Krokstad mentioned, while the disc itself Zsolt Meszaros gets the credit assigned.

At the same inlay booklet focuses Chris Thompson into 'The wonderful audience at the Colos-Saal "with the words" Thank you for the fantastic night (18.01.11), followed by a list of all names of those on the fateful night in the audience were. I do not think this ever happened. A precedent spoken!

"Berlin Live Aschaffenberg & The Remains - Live At The Colos-Saal" is an ideal opportunity for Chris Thompson to rediscover and understand why Manfred Mann in the past always a singer with a rasp of a voice has chosen.

Chris Thompson This double CD and DVD is a delight for everyone with the slightest interest in Manfred Mann's Earth Band.

Want to watch Chris live to work to see? That can Terrace Bilzen this year on 10 August 2012 Market Bilzen.

Check out his Gonzo Artist Page

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