Saturday, 28 July 2012

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On a sunny afternoon in the beautiful summer of 1973 I had my radio set tuned to AFN (American Forces Network) when the presenter announced that the latest album from Rick Wakeman, The Six Wifes Of Henry VIII "on their station in the world premiere would go.
I was too lazy to stand up and find another station. That way I listened to the whole album, but I was on Rick Wakeman is a solemn oath that I swore would happen a second time. I have kept its word until now, when suddenly here 'In The Nick Of Time enters blow. Do not get me wrong, Rick Wakeman is a keyboard virtuoso without equal, but such a plate do not you go for entertainment listening. Rick Wakeman was mainly known as a playing member among Strawbs at the time of their album 'From The Witchwood "and best known of Yes. This last band he played on some of their most known songs like 'Fragile', 'Close To The Edge', 'Tales From Topographic Oceans "and the triple live album Yessongs.Rick Wakeman brought further a colossal number of solo albums from which the aforementioned 'The Six Wifes Of Henry VIII "(1973),' Journey To The Centre Of The Earth '(1974) and' The Myth and Legends of King Athur and The Knights of The Round Table" (1975) the best known. When Rick Wakeman with the last album the concert halls was ending, this was always a spectacle unprecedented, with ijsdansers, choir and orchestra. As a result, he was part of his collection of old had to sell out to get the costs and avert an impending bankruptcy. In 2003, the time of the recordings of 'In The Nick Of Time "is not changed and Rick Wakeman he alternates beautiful piano pieces such as "Dance Of A Thousand Lights" with bombast of the heaviest caliber, "The Cathedral In The Sky ', a mini-opera that Rick Wakeman the slave chorus from Verdi to the crown are stabbing. Now and then I get it on the hips of the vocals from Ashley Holt. He can sing, but he will therefore not always in my ear yelling. 'White Rock' is the shortest, but by far the best track of the album. Yes, even downright brilliant with Rick Wakeman in great shape. The concluding "Wurm" is also best to enjoy with drummer Tony Fernandez and bassist Lee Pomeroy in the spotlight. Too bad there 'In The Nick Of Time' is no more such songs as the two last mentioned can be found. On the album "In The Nick Of Time ', Rick Wakeman tries to set up a marriage Between opera and rock' n-roll. Sometimes it is a happy marriage, sometimes it is not. Ivan Van Belleghem (2 to 3)

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