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Friday, 27 July 2012

LINK: British veterans Yes keep prog rock alive

Looking back on prog rock’s peak of popularity, it’s hard to imagine the Brit-centric genre ever enjoying a resurgence. Who in today’s lean times wants to hear a 30-minute musical suite with fantastical lyrics? Who wants bombastic hairdos on stage and intricate symphonic indulgence on record? Well, the answer is lots of people — particularly those in the 45 to 55 age bracket who came of age firmly in the mid-‘70s, well past the hazy innocence of the hippie years and well before the angry non-conformity of the punk age.

London legends Yes may not be as instantly recognizable to American audiences as prog rock titans like Kansas, Rush and The Moody Blues. But any music nerd will tell you that Yes’ cumulative accomplishments are startlingly impressive. Originating as a cover-band in the late ‘60s, Yes exponentially expanded its artistic and creative reach in the ‘70s, gaining fame for experimental compositions, eye-popping live shows and surrealistic cover art.

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