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With a career spanning 40 years divided between the rock and representation, Michael Des Barres decided to return to its roots and, accompanied by the elite of rock , signed a veritable masterpiece of the genre. In Carnaby Street London musician returns to the 60/70 and mark his return brilliantly. In an interview fast English musician he reviewed his long career and spoke of his new job.

Michael Live! For me it's a great honor that you have agreed to answer this short interview Via Nocturna. Thanks to these minutes. First of all, congratulations for your fantastic new album. Carnaby Street is a very strong album full of rock feeling . You feel in great shape ...
Thanks for your opinion! I feel particularly good about the original receção to our album! My band is very pleased that you and all others have understood our intention to recreate our memories.

When you decided it was time to return and begin to work on this new album?
Decided to begin working on a new album for 2 years. I wanted to get back in touch with all that inspired me early in my career by rock'n'roll !

Musicians who accompany you on this recording?
My band is amazing. Paul III on bass, is my partner in everything, the guitar is Eric Schermerhorn Iggy Pop's band, the keyboards are Jebin Bruni's band on drums is Fiona and David Goodstein. All brilliant musicians who love music I like. Rock with an orientation blues .

Regressaste this album to your roots of 60 years ...
Yes! When I was 16 I went to all the nightclubs in London and took contact with the revolution of the blues British. I saw Hendrix, The Faces, Cream, etc, etc ...

So this is an album inspired in London?
London was a creative paradise! I could explore every crack of the tours of the city swing !

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