Monday, 23 July 2012


I hope that you will forgive me shamelessly plugging something of my own, but amongst the other things that I do, I am the editor of this rather fine UFO magazine. I was brought in a few months ago to mastermind the relaunch, and my first edition is now on sale through those jolly nice people at MagCloner. I am, actually rather proud of it!

UFO MATRIX is not just a magazine about UFOs, it is also a magazine about the wider implications of UFO Culture. It examines the history and the mystery of the subject in depth, bringing on board the cream of the world's UFOlogical and Fortean researchers.

Issue Eight brings a new and chilling aspect to the Roswell mythos, an examination of one of Scotland's best known abduction cases, a little known facet of the Betty and Barney Hill case, a look at the truly unsettling aliens created by H.P.Lovecraft, and columists including representatives of BUFORA and MUFON (UK).

Editor Jon Downes has been a central figure of British paranormal and Fortean research for several decades, and is one of the best known British researchers and authors in the field. Contributors to issue 8 include veteran researchers such as Nick Redfern, Richard Freeman, Malcolm Robinson, Stanton Freiedman, and exclusive content from John Hanson and Dawn Holloway of the Haunted Skies Project.

At last a valid UFOlogical magazine for the 21st Century.

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Language: English

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