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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

LINK: Rick Wakeman - The archives opened


Rick Wakeman - The archives opened

RE: Introducing
Rick Wakeman - The archives opened

Rick Wakeman The perfect prog icon, known for his dexterous keyboard playing and his capricious revolving door relationship with the legendary Yes.But "Grumpy Old Rick" is also a very prolific solo artist. More than a hundred albums to his name the man, and they keep coming. 'In The Nick Of Time "is a concert recording from 2003, and the bootleg box' Caped Crusader Collectors Club" now appears volume two of his personal archives.

All you have to expect in the latter case bootleg quality.The recording at London's Hammersmith Odeon in March 1976, this five-piece box already a false start.This undoubtedly decent concert (based on his first solo record and therefore best) is trapped in a messy and spaceless sound. The effect of binding Wake Mans funny texts - a constant in his solo career - this is also partly lost.

The much more recent (and better sounding) concert in Norwich in '97 lets hear some nice surprises. With beautiful versions of David Bowie Space Oddity and Life On Mars Wakeman reminds us that his talent often at the service of the greats.

With his son Adam, he brought in the sprankelende'Tapestries '96 ', of which the peak Summer's End here in duet is played. The selection of '1984 'with vocalist Ashley Holt offers a pleasant listening experience. The version of some Beatles classics like then pulled by the hair.

The performance at Crystal Palace in '74 - the contents of CD three - suffers from the same recording quality as the first disk, but you can hear passionate renditions of material from 'Six Wives Of Henry VIII "and" Journey To The Centre Of The Earth '.

The other two CDs contain the concert in Preston Lancs in '81 and give a diverse sampling of the very productive early years as a solo artist. Wargames off on George Orwell's book based '1984 'serves well here as the overture, the album is amply endowed as these tour to promote it served.

The royal highnesses Arthur and Henry VIII pays tribute through a convincing medley. Also The Journey / Recollection and Chamber Of Horrors (from the acclaimed 'Criminal Record') are like a house. The keys tornado in White Rock provides an appropriate climax.

However we will exchange our five-part bootleg box like for a disc, "In The Nick Of Time '. Wakeman's been so long renowned for his showmanship that you almost forget that he is primarily a gifted musician and composer.'Out There' (2003) is one of his best work and the excellent live album "In The Nick Of Time" was recorded during the promotion tour that year.

His solid backing band English Rock Ensemble is renamed the New EUA, because Ant Glynne (guitar) and Lee Pomeroy (bass) to the line-up. Pomeroy is a particular value, witness alone his bass solo in the Yes classic Wurm . Fixed values ​​remain Tony Fernandez (drums) and Ashley Holt. Holt replaces Damian Wilson, 'Out There' and then later with inzong Pomeroy and Adam Wakeman formation Headspace would form.

'In The Nick Of Time' is a string of highlights from the title track and The Cathedral In The Sky from 'Out There' by the virtuoso Dance Of A Thousand Lights to classical things as Catherine Parr, White Rock and a selection of 'No Earthly Connection '. Wakeman may be a qualitatively very uneven oeuvre written, live, he knows damn well what choices he must make. Only regret that tie texts are not included.

"Caped Crusader Collectors Club Vol. 2 "is published by Floating World and is distributed by Bertus. 'In The Nick Of Time' is published by Gonzo Multimedia.

July 21, 2012
Christoph Lintermans

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