Wednesday, 30 May 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Pictures from the first night of the Hawkwind UK Tour

Hawkwind's photo submission for 'Rear of the Year'

Hawkwind's photo submission for 'Rear of the Year'
Space rockers do a few ass-wiggles in Bridport. Well, why not? Place needs livening up a bit, lol.....

L-R: Dibbs, Brock, Hone, during the opening night of their Onward tour to show us bits of their bum, sorry, album.

Hawkwind @ Bridport, 2012

Dave Brock does the biz (centre) with what I think is his Westone guitar, but correct me if I'm wrong, eh. Nial Hone on his left and Mr Dibbs is the one with the knees...

This was about half an hour into their set at the Electric Palace, Bridport. Nial looks like he's enjoying a joke, eh

Hawkwind 2012 May 25 - Bridport, while I tweak EV

Hawkwind 2012 May 25 - Bridport, while I tweak EV
Tim Blake, Mr Dibbs, Dave Brock.

Mr Dibbs isn't the first Hawkwind guy to show a bit of leg, as I gather Simon House once did some of that. Not often we see anyone in kinky boots, though. Sorry the picture's such crap quality, but I was at the Electric Palace primarily for the Hawkwind music!

However, I did a few tests with the EV and the ISO settings - in the end, I just banged the ISO (ASA) all the way up to 1600 and then just hoped for the best while tweaking EV. I've no other control over exposure time, so what more can I do?

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