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Thursday, 17 May 2012

LINK: Greek Review of Jon Anderson/Rick Wakeman

Anderson / Wakeman "The Living Tree-In Concert"

We heard the "The Living Tree-In Concert" of Jon Anderson / Rick Wakeman. The two legends of music, known by Yes, submit a very sincere and emotional live work. These are live performances of songs from the studio album "The Living Tree" which the duo released in 2010 along with old songs from their career.
The "Long Distance Runaround" and "Southside of the Sky" by the "Fragile" and "Time and a Word" from the title of the album Yes will satisfy the fans. But the new songs do not go back: The "The Garden" and "Just One Man" (music by Jeremy Cubert) demonstrating the evergreen lyrical and interpretive talents of Jon Anderson. The "Living Tree (Part 1 & 2) show the optimistic spiritual concerns about Jon's life. The "Morning Star" has the vocal crescendo of Jon and tries to put you on track and showing the Star of the morning (what everyone understand ..). To "23/24/11" is proof that great songs are written today. The Rick accompanying vocals and (sometimes) his guitar Jon, and you think you hear at least 3 other musicians instead of one. The sound of the keys is unbelievable. The formula remains a god after all these years. The "House of Freedom" and "The Meeting" (the Anderson / Bruford / Wakeman / Howe) closes the beautiful album. In "The Living Tree-In Concert" is a phrase even better than you expect. Well done!
Highlight of the album: The audacious play of Rick in the "Time and a Word".
We listened to "The Living Tree-In Concert" Jon Anderson / Rick Wakeman live album. The two legendary musicians, best known as members of the classic Yes line-up, prepared a very sincere and emotional live work. It contains the live versions of their "The Living Tree" studio album (2010) together with old songs from their career.
Yes classics "Long Distance Runaround" and "Southside of the Sky" from "Fragile" and "Time and a Word" from the album of the same title will satisfy every hardcore fan. But the new songs aren't inferior: "The Garden" and "Just One Man" (music by Jeremy Cubert) demonstrate the lasting lyrical and performing talent of Jon Anderson. "Living Tree (Part 1 & 2) shows Jon's optimistic spiritual views about Life. "Morning Star" contains Jon's vocal crescendo. "23/24/11" is the evidence that great songs are still being written. Rick accompanies Jon's vocals and (occasional) guitar and it looks like there are at least three more musicians onstage. His sound in keyboards is unbelievable. The guys is still a phenomenon. "House of Freedom" and "The Meeting" (by Anderson / Bruford / Wakeman / Howe) close the album perfectly. "The Living Tree-In Concert" album is better than you can imagine. Congratulations!
Highlight of the album: Rick's rude playing in "Time and a Word".
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