Thursday, 24 May 2012

LINK: 'Life is change' for Jefferson Starship founder

THREE OAKS - Paul Kantner was so inspired by "The Chrysalids," a 1955 science fiction novel written by John Wyndham, that he lifted lines from the text to use as lyrics for the title song of the 1968 Jefferson Airplane album, "Crown of Creation."

"All artists steal," Kantner says by telephone from his home in San Francisco. "That's how we learn. We take stuff that moves us, and we try to bend it into our own particular fashion, and it comes out as something else, which is a great value to most artists and musicians. The ones that do it well move it enough so that it's not just an imitation of what moves them. It is an imitation and a progression on that path. You create something that hopefully moves you, as well as somebody else."

One example of lyrics taken almost word for word from the book is the line, "Life is change/How it differs from the rock." The philosophy that nothing in life is certain except change is one that Kantner can easily understand throughout his 47-year musical career.
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