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Thursday, 24 May 2012

HAWKWIND: Another Album Review

HAWKWIND - Onward (Plastic Head 2012)

Hawkwind seem to be going through a renaissance of late (no doubt due to namedropping from the right places) and given that so much of the band’s recent history has involved as many lawyers as guitar strings, it’s heartening to see a more functional machine and not the petty squabbles of 150 million or so ex-members. Hawkwind and my ears have had a long and happy relationship and it’s strange to think that Dave Brock is now in his 70’s, because let’s be honest here, Hawkwind were always old. They looked like a bunch of ancients in the early 70’s – just look at Del Detmar’s photo on the rear of IN SEARCH OF SPACE. He’s at least 102. What is of particular personal interest at this point in the band’s history is the inclusion of Tim Blake as a steady member (he returned to the ranks in December 2007). There were a small number of key musicians who brought something unique from outside to benefit the Hawkwind sound; Simon House, Lemmy and Tim Blake were all of equal importance in this regard; and his presence brings with it an optimism that Hawkwind can still be a credible force.

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