Tuesday, 22 May 2012


As you may or may not remember, weeks ago I interviewed the incomparable Michael Des Barres, and amongst other things we got to talking about Steve Jones from The Sex Pistols. Yesterday, I posted about my old friend Nick Redfern who is also a Steve Jones fan, and his fondness for Chequered Past a band featuring both Jones and Des Barres.

Now Redfern has blogged on the very same subject:


And coincidentally, although - as we all know - there ain't no such thing as coincidences - here is a vintage fanzine interview with the band:

The following article/interview with the band Chequered Past was originally published in FFanzeen magazine, issue #13, in 1985. It was written by Julia Masi.

Their music is their passion. Drumbeats so precise they jumpstart the heart, and aggressive guitar riffs that accelerate the pulse, played by five dynamic personalities that form the mutual admiration society of Chequered Past.As their name implies, Michael Des Barres (vocals), Clem Burke (drums), Nigel Harrison (bass), Steve Jones and Tony Fox Sales (who share rhythm and lead guitar duties), all come from very diverse cultural and musical backgrounds. Yet they have so much respect for each other that just doing a telephone interview with these guys could induce insulin shock.

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