Sunday, 20 May 2012

LINK: Merrell Fankhauser review

Gonzo Multimedia Merrell Fankhauser : The Best Of -2cd- (US,1962-2011)****+**°

I always missed all the occasions of being able to check out better, all the Merrell Fankhauser reisues, although I know he made there a kind of legendary status in the psychedelic milieu, with his albums of Mu, or Faparadolky, or some of his solo albums with his exotic looks, as if he is abducted by alienating force taking him just a few beams out of the spectrum of earth and with his colourful Hawaii looks. I still remember those days when his albums were re-released, just like the Eben Abez releases, they only gave me the slight idea that they both must be the kind of outsider hippies before they even existed, and then remained one step away from them.

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