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Thursday, 31 May 2012


Yesterday teatime Corinna went to the shops and came back with this month's copy of Mojo (which - by the way - features an interview with Gonzo's very own Tony Palmer). It also had an ad in it for an autumn tour by Gong, and as Gong are the reason that Rob and I became friends in the first place, it would be very silly indeed not to feature it here.

So, this morning, I went poking about online, and found the following text on their website:

In the manner of Dr Who Gong has gone through one of it's periodic 're-generations' and now takes the form of daevid allen, Gilli Smyth, Orlando Allen (drums), Fabio Golfetti (guitar), Dave Sturt (bass) and Ian East (sax'n'flute). This is the line-up that will be touring the UK and Europe this Autumn.

The November UK gigs are now confirmed and listed in the gig section, as are the European dates in France, The Netherlands and Germany. More gigs may be added over the few next weeks so keep checking to stay abreast of the developing situation.

Accomplished drummer/producer Orlando is of course Gilli and Daevid's younger son. They have for years been keen to include him as member of Gong and see now as THE time. Fabio Golfetti, leading light of the Invisible Opera Company of Tibet (Brazil), is a very polished guitarist in smooth Gilmouresque prog mode and of course a glissando guitar practitioner of long standing. And many of you will have experienced the entertaining, expert musicianship of Ian East and Dave Sturt on respectively, wind instruments and bass, on the 2009-10 Gong tours and know that those chairs within the band are in more than capable hands.

Yes indeed things do change but Gong's mission statement remains rampantly and receptively what it always has been - that is, just whatever you perceive it to be...be-do..be-do..be-doo.
What will we get? What will you divine? A Colin Baker/Sylvester McCoy or a Patrick Troughton/William Hartnell? The choice as always is yours.

Their website is http://www.planetgong.co.uk/
Check out the following artist pages at Gonzo:


And proably more. But those will do for a start

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  1. I love Gong, but for me the ultimate was getting to see them perform with the re-formed (almost) "classic" line-up including Steve Hillage, Miquette Giraudy, and Mike Howlett a couple of years back.



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