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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

JUDGE SMITH: Curly's Airships is Magnificent!

Last night I listened to one of the most extraordinary pieces of music I have heard in a long time. Regular readers of the Gonzo Daily will know that I have recently become a fan of Judge Smith, and his song stories. There are three of these in the series so far, and whilst Anne-Marie (who really is a darling) sent me all three to peruse, I had only heard #2 (The Climber) and #3 (Orfeas) mainly because the first one Curly's Airships is a whopping great double CD, and I have had a houseful of visitors ever since Easter.

But last night I finally got around to listening to it, and it is a revelation!

The aforementioned regular readers will be only too aware that when I get enthused bysomething I have a tendency to bang on about it for weeks, and I give you all fair and due warning. I am going to be doing just that with this album.

To quote the website:

CURLY'S AIRSHIPS tells the true story of the bizarre events which led to the destruction of the world’s biggest airship, the giant dirigible R.101, on its maiden voyage to India; a tale of the incompetence and arrogance of government bureaucrats, the ruthless ambition of a powerful politician and the moral cowardice of his juniors; a story of inexplicable psychic phenomena, the thoughtless bravery of 1920s aviators and the extraordinary spell cast by the gigantic machines they flew: the giant airships, the most surreal and dreamlike means of transport ever devised.

There is a website http://www.curlysairships.com/ and I strongly urge you all to check this out, before I return to the subject in a day or two...



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