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Saturday, 26 May 2012

EXCLUSIVE PICS: First date of the Hawkwind Tour

Graham got back to the ranch late last night. He has pictures and even a little video of the show in Bridport last night, and these (as well as his review of the gig, which - by the way - sounds like a stonker) will be out on Gonzo Daily over the next few days.

If anyone is reading this who wants to cover the other dates on the tour for us (Graham will also be at Southampton, for the last night of the tour) please email me your pics and words on jon@eclipse.co.uk.

But these images aren't of Hawkwind, or at least not the 2012 incarnation, I hear you all rant from the safety of your silver machines. Nope, its the mighty Huw Lloyd-Langton, who was the support act...

Huw gives it some acoustic wellie

Huw Lloyd-Langton @ Bridport 2012

Bridport 2012: Huw Lloyd-Langton

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