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CHRIS THOMPSON: Rock and Roll as she is wrote

Review: Live Berlin (Chris Thompson)
Live Berlin (Chris Thompson)
(2011, Gonzo Multimedia)

The curriculum Chris Thompson is truly brilliant. Known primarily for his work in Manfred Mann's Earthband, this singer and guitarist born in the UK participated in the last 40 years in some of the most important rock releases. Among many other more obscure names, citaríamos only its shares on albums by Elton John, Starship, Gary Moore, Alan Parsons, Bonnie Tyler, Steve Hackett and Mike Oldfield. In between there are still considering the various entries in his own name. This work represents a Berlin Live concert Chris Thompson and his band did in the German city for Radio Berlin 88.8, the 4th of June 2011 and represent faithfully that which at the time of that radio listeners could hear. Here 40 years of hits parade of Manfred Mann's Earthband like You Angel You, Spirits In The Night, Mighty Quinn, Davy's On The Road, Do not Kill It Carol or Blinded By The Light, this taken from his first recording with the legendary British progressive rock band, Roaring Silence, dated 1976. In between is the introduction of some themes that are part of their repertoire on their own behalf. For those who usually accompanies no surprise that name will appear in the alignment. However, this is a job, especially the younger ones should hear. A strong foundation of blues rock and hard rock injected some details of progressive rock, psychedelia and funk to make this work and made this something truly memorable concert. All the magic of the blues / hard rock seventies there is a sensational start in Hammond to mark your presence very strongly and end up on harmonica, passing the long solos with that sensitivity so typical of the time. As a bonus, this album comes with a DVD that portrays the provision live in Aschaffenburg and Dexheim, also in Germany a few months earlier. Highly recommended for fans of Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple (and of course Earthband Manfred Mann's Chris Thompson and himself) that should not, for nothing, to lose this gem!

CD 1:
1. Father Of Day
2. Wasting Time
3. Hot Summer Night
4. Spirits In The Night
5. Martha's Madman
6. Land Of The Long White Cloud
7. Whole Lot To Give
8. If You Remember Me
9. Demolition Man
10. Redemption Song
11. Do not Kill It Carol
12. Runner
13. Mighty Quinn

CD 2:
1. Piece For The Wicked
2. You Angel You
3. Davy's On The Road
4. Blinded By The Light
5. For You
6. You're The Voice
7. Questions
1. Martha's Madman
2. Land Of The Long White Cloud
3. Whole Lot To Give
4. If You Remember Me
5. Demolition Man
6. Redemption Song
7. Do not Kill It Carol
Chris Thompson - vocals
Mads Eriksen-guitars
Gunnar Bjelland-keyboards
Frank Hovland-down
Zsolt Meszaros-drums (concert in Berlin)
Steiner Krokstad-battery (Aschaffenburg concert)


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