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LINK: Chris Thompson Live in Berlin and The Colos-Saal


Chris Thompson Live in Berlin and The Colos-Saal

Chris Thompson

Berlin Live & Live At The Colos-Saal (Gonzo Multimedia, 2012)

Fans of legendary British rock band Manfred Mann will immediately recognize Chris Thompson’s voice and many of the songs included in this triple set. Thompson delivers a passionate and memorable collection of songs backed by an excellent rock band.

Even though the Manfred Mann that I liked was the progressive rock-era version, the band was also known for delivering great rock songs and some radio hits. Some of the most recognizable featured in this live set are ‘Blinded By The Light’, ‘You Angel You’, ‘Spirits In The Night’, ‘Don’t Kill It Carol’ and ‘Mighty Quinn’.

Berlin Live & Live At The Colos-Saal contains two CDs and a bonus DVD. It is a combination of a live radio concert and a previous rehearsal and concert that took place in Aschaffenburg. The Aschaffenburg material was retrieved from a completely concert film and recording and is included as a bonus as the producers felt that the salvaged footage expressed the enjoyment of the concert. The Berlin concert remains just as it came from the radio transmission and as such is the complete concert as fans heard it at the concert and also on the radio broadcast.

Born in the UK, Thompson grew up in New Zealand. He returned to the UK in 1973. He became Manfred Mann’s Earthband’s vocalist after Mick Rogers left the band. His voice first appeared on the 1976 Roaring Silence album which contained the hit single ‘Blinded By The Light.’

Thompson appeared on Jeff Wayne’s concept album War of the Worlds recording the track “Thunder Child” which was also a UK hit song. Thompson recorded the Manfred Mann’s Earthband LPs Watch and Angel Station, which featured the hit singles ‘Davy’s On The Road Again’, ‘Mighty Quinn’, ‘Don’t Kill It Carol’ and ‘You Angel You.’

Chris is backed by a full band which includes Mads Eriksen on guitar; Frank Hovland on bass, backing vocals; Gunnar Bjelland on keyboards; with Szolt Meszaros on drums for the Berlin concert and Steinar Krokstad as drummer on the Aschaffenburg material.

Berlin Live & Live At The Colos-Saal is an extraordinary collection of live songs by one of the unforgettable voices of 1970s British rock.


DVD: Live At The Colos-Saal, The Aschaffenburg Remains

1 Martha’s Madman , 2 Land Of The Long White Cloud , 3 Whole Lot To Give , 4 If You Remember Me , 5 Demolition Man , 6 Redemption Song , 7 Don’t Kill It Carol , Fan Cam Dexheim , 1 Mighty Quinn , 2 Drum Solo ( Zsolt Meszaros ) , 3 You Angel You , 4 Davy’s On The Road Again , Plus Interview : , Chris And Band By Jon Kirkman ,

Cd 1: Live At Radio Berlin 88.8

1. Father Of Day. 2. Wasting Time. 3. Hot Summer Night. 4. Spirits In The Night. 5. Martha’s Madman. 6. Land Of The Long White Cloud. 7. Whole Lot To Give. 8. If You Remember Me. 9. Demolition Man. 10. Redemption Song. 11. Don’t Kill It Carol. 12. Runner. 13. Mighty Quinn.

Cd 2: Live At Radio Berlin 88.8

1. Piece For The Wicked ( Mads Eriksen ) . 2. You Angel You. 3. Davy’s On The Road. 4. Blinded By The Light. Encores. 5. For You. 6. You’re The Voice. 7. Questions.

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