Sunday, 8 July 2012

LINK: German review of Rick Wakeman's new live CD

Whoa, a new live album by Wakeman? Of course, here are some people turn away in horror, but "In The Nick Of Time" is remarkable in several respects. After all, it is this is a recording with the New English Rock Ensemble, which means that is a quite "ambitious" to call slide presentation of the plays in the band context, as opposed to the entire solo concert recordings and stuff like "Almost Live in Europe". In addition, the recordings are from the promo tour for "Out There", so that album, the keyboard arsenal Wakemans met for the first time in a long time significant opposition. At last, makes the curious publication policy (recordings from 2003, published in 2012) to publish a mild shake of the head, but others either brand new or very old live recordings archive material from the golden days.

And this instrument will give the old chestnuts and new songs in the whole-mannered performances, though "Catherine Parr", "No Earthly Connection", "White Rock" and "worm" (including "Heart Of The Sunrise"-quote) course already well known should be. Interestingly, because anything less should be used, therefore, turn out the new numbers. And as reflected, for example, "Out There" in the absence of even the studio to record choir represented overkill and always something plaintive vocals of Damian Wilson quite well. And also "The Cathedral in the Sky" is in this very lively presentation and upbeat. Also from the ordinary course of the program is still live "Dance of a Thousand Lights", which suffers, however, under some weak Orchesterffekten.

Together with the already quite formidable Classic presented material (just like the Jam-developed "Catherine Parr" to convince white here), thus creating a very convincing impression. Also contributing to this work, the band, most notably Ant Glynne allowed to let off steam every now and again on guitar and forms an interesting counterpoint to Rick button. Well, Ashley Holt is always a bit of taste, but gives off no totally intolerable working. Otherwise would have to be noted that Tony Fernandez in the otherwise very pretty genteel mix sets and the booklet with extensive biographies of all the parties involved failed strangely long.

The bottom line is there, "In The Nick Of Time", so an above-average ratios for Wakeman live document, which it suspended regardless of the typical Wakeman-usual practices is not much. These include customary practices but also the fact that questions must appear on the "meaning" of such a publication at this time downright absurd. Compared to all the bootlegs of obscure labels from Holland and the Czech Republic, "In The Nick Of Time", not least because of the trivalent presentation, however, outstanding.

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