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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

LINK: Jon Anderson interview

As the original singer of YES, Jon Anderson is an artist that hardly needs an introduction. By phone, he discussed evolving with the music business, the differences between being a solo artist and a member of a band, and YES albums he would listen to today.

The music business has changed a lot since you first started. How have you had to evolve along with the music business?
It’s pretty normal for people to change and evolve. No matter what area: music, dancing, theater. We change. The music business is different now of course because of the Internet. You have to change and modify what you do with your music.

Do you find you take a different approach because of the way the music business has changed?
No. I’m still singing the same ideas I had years ago with the band. I still go on stage and sing and enjoy performing. I still sound the same as I always did. I’m still interested in longform pieces of music as well as short pieces of music. I’m just working with musicians via the Internet, so I’m able to use the Internet like a world studio.

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